Report from the ship (6) – African Youth MDGs Forum arrives at Cape Town

All Eyes on the Goals: Creating youth partnerships to achieve the Millennium Development Goals

The six day forum introduced many Peace Boat participants to MDGs-related topics.

Between Mombasa and Cape Town, young activists from countries in sub-Saharan Africa joined the 68th Global Voyage to discuss the development needs of the continent from a youth perspective. Keeping in mind the 2015 deadline to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), project organizers – Peace Boat and the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) – aimed to create a network between development-oriented organizations and design an action agenda to present to governments and policymakers in Africa and Japan. Above and beyond the creation of a final document, for the activists it was a chance to strengthen connections between their organizations and to share the advocacy strategies each use in their home countries. The nine participants represented organizations that promote themes such as gender equality, vocational training and decent work, particularly for young people.

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Report from the ship (5) – MDGs Dance in Antarctica

We have finally arrived in Antarctica!

During the 3 days of the Antarctica cruise the weather was beautiful, allowing us to experience the true appeals of the land, from the views of shining glaciers when sunny to the harsh nature when windy and cloudy.

The 68th voyage cruised through Admiralty Bay and Deception Island on the 20th, Andvord Bay, Paradise Bay, and Capstan Rocks on the 21st, and Neumeyer Channel on the 22nd of February.

Paradise Bay is the southern most point of the entire cruise, considered the most beautiful bay of the Antarctic Peninsula; whale hunters called it “heaven” in the beginning of the 20th century.

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船からの報告(5) – 南極でMDGsダンスを踊りました






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Report from the ship (4) – Banner Team Introduction

The ‘MDGs Dance’ is performed onboard and in ports with the support of many individuals and teams.

Today we would like to introduce the ‘banner team’.

The banner team is lead by Daisuke Akita, a participant known as ‘Shinnosuke’ on the 68th Peace Boat Global Voyage. This banner is to be held up high during the MDGs dance performances, and to collect messages for the achievement of the MDGs from the people we meet in each of our destinations. Continue reading





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African Youth Forum covered in Kenyan Newspaper

Set targets to reduce poverty, youths tell State

By NATION Correspondent Posted Wednesday, January 20 2010

Local communities should be involved in implementing the Millennium Development Goals. Youth taking part in this year’s Peace Boat Voyage on Wednesday asked the government to set local targets to be used in measuring the gains made in the global campaign to reduce poverty and increase literacy 2015.

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「貧困削減のための目標を定めよ 若者が国に呼びかけ」

(2010120日 「Daily Nation」)

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