African Youth Forum covered in Kenyan Newspaper

Set targets to reduce poverty, youths tell State

By NATION Correspondent Posted Wednesday, January 20 2010

Local communities should be involved in implementing the Millennium Development Goals. Youth taking part in this year’s Peace Boat Voyage on Wednesday asked the government to set local targets to be used in measuring the gains made in the global campaign to reduce poverty and increase literacy 2015.

With the last lap beginning this year, we need to know how far the local communities have gone in achieving the goals and what mitigation measures need to be taken before 2015,” said Mr Emanuel Edudzie, from Ghana.


The United Nations MDGs project began a decade ago with the aim of ensuring that extreme poverty is alleviated and basic education for all is achieved by 2015. “Development of these local targets will make us achieve in these last five years more than we have done in the past decade,” Mr Edudzie said.

He is among nine other African youths who will join the Peace Boat in Mombasa on its voyage to South Africa where young people from various parts of the world will hold a conference to assess the success of the MDGs.

Ms Yoko Takayama from Japan, said that her country would work closely with communities to ensure the UN meets the goals. “Sustainable peace is essential for the achievement of these goals,” she said.

Activities of the Peace Boat organisation are mainly carried out through chartered passenger ships that move across the world on peace voyages. Also aboard The Oceanic, the vessel carrying the peacemakers, are 500 tourists.

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