Report from the ship (4) – Banner Team Introduction

The ‘MDGs Dance’ is performed onboard and in ports with the support of many individuals and teams.

Today we would like to introduce the ‘banner team’.

The banner team is lead by Daisuke Akita, a participant known as ‘Shinnosuke’ on the 68th Peace Boat Global Voyage. This banner is to be held up high during the MDGs dance performances, and to collect messages for the achievement of the MDGs from the people we meet in each of our destinations.

First, we painted a big black shadow to symbolize ‘poverty’ on a huge white cloth. Then the team members painted eight colourful symbols of ‘hope’ and ‘affluence’ on top of the black, erasing the shadow of poverty.

While painting the black shadow into the eight colourful goals, team members took time in deepening their thoughts and imaginations on why they are trying to wipe out the black parts (poverty) into colours (affluence hope), and what they symbolized. Everybody let go of their sensibilities and immersed themselves in this painting workshop.

The team members received questions from Peace Boat participants who were not joining the MDGs Dance about the eight colours while painting. The banner-making became an opportunity for raising awareness about the MDGs among other participants.

It is really exciting to see how this piece of art expands with everybody’s inspirations and ideas”, says team leader Shinnosuke.

On top of the team members’ wills and hopes, there will be messages of peace and ending poverty from people of the ports added to the banner during the voyage. We look forward to seeing the banner full of messages of hope by the end of our journey.

(Kim Heechon, Peace Boat)


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