Report from the ship (5) – MDGs Dance in Antarctica

We have finally arrived in Antarctica!

During the 3 days of the Antarctica cruise the weather was beautiful, allowing us to experience the true appeals of the land, from the views of shining glaciers when sunny to the harsh nature when windy and cloudy.

The 68th voyage cruised through Admiralty Bay and Deception Island on the 20th, Andvord Bay, Paradise Bay, and Capstan Rocks on the 21st, and Neumeyer Channel on the 22nd of February.

Paradise Bay is the southern most point of the entire cruise, considered the most beautiful bay of the Antarctic Peninsula; whale hunters called it “heaven” in the beginning of the 20th century.

At Paradise Bay, the main spot of Antarctica, we performed our MDGs dance.

Even in the severe temperature of -1C, we carried out our message through the dance with all our might.

The following is a commentary by one of the dance members, Hiroko Sasakawa:

I saw the iceberg that stood in the freezing air, the ice floes, and the cool-colored ocean, holding my breath at the grand scale of Antarctica. It was the first time I saw such scenery. At the same time as I felt joy for coming to Antarctica, I was shocked at the visible ground. Through these experiences I feel like I have truly understood the realities of global warming.
I want to work on preserving these wonderful views, not just thinking they are beautiful. I truly wish that the scenery will remain as it is, and for that I must change my daily actions. By learning more about the topic and taking action, I would like to further my interest on global warming.


Reminding ourselves of the seventh goal of the MDGs – ensuring environmental sustainability – we became painfully aware that even on this land that we don’t directly live on, the effects of humans from faraway continents remain.

Continuing to remind ourselves of this experience, we would like to aim for everyone in the world to work on protecting the magnificent nature by carrying out the message through our dance.

(Kim Heechon, MDGs Dance Leader, Peace Boat)


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